Chelsea Should Get Hiddink

Carlo Ancelotti made a dream start when he renewed his career at Stamford Bridge in London, England. In his first year he coached the blues to win the double by obtaining the championship and the FA cup. In 2011 though, criticism is here. Chelsea will end the season without a single price and it could trigger consequences, but what should Chelsea do?

Well first of all I think Ambramovic (owner) should stay put and thoroughly think before making any changes. The best teams in football have harvested from many years of continuity, and that should always be the goal. Considering the solid results of the 2nd half of the season, suits should admit that Chelsea is good but has to concede to the play of Manchester united this season. 2nd place is pretty good and makes this hardly an off-season at all. Therefore my view would be to keep working with the people that are in place now, Ancelotti included.

Good results but dodgy play

Sometimes when you analyze a team, both results and play on the pitch should beทางเข้าufabet considered, and while the results are decent the play is not. Chelsea relies too much on strength and individualism this season – in contrast to greats like Manchester united and Barcelona. So a great jump pad would be to find a way to bring more football to Stamford Bridge, instead of simply buying expensive players.

The way a squad plays is determined by the quality of the training and chemistry between the players. Some trainers have proven to always make a team play better football, relentless of individual player qualities.

Hiddink: a mastermind

A great example of such a manager is Dutchman Guus Hiddink. Guus has had great spells over the years, at many nations and clubs including PSV, N-Korea and Real Madrid. And while the results were great, the main achievement has always been the way these teams have played. Great passes, strong set pieces and a defense that’s rock solid at all time, that’s the play Chelsea needs, and, judging by the players, it de